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O-lux is a top cybersecurity company providing network protection solutions & services. We understand first-hand why organizations need to undergo regular reviews of their protocols and procedures. As online threats continue to grow, even the smallest business now needs more than just a basic antivirus program.

There is an online attack every 39 seconds. That’s over 2,000 times a day! What are you doing to ensure your business is safe from hackers? Cybercriminals can shut down any system in just a matter of seconds by simply exploiting weaknesses in the network, resulting in long-term damage and hefty compliance costs. We help you stay on the leading edge of protection by creating a comprehensive network security strategy catered to your unique organization’s needs.

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Fully Managed Antivirus

With 24/7 network monitoring,
never again worry about downtime and a compromised infrastructure. We detect threats and eliminate them before they have time to wreak havoc.

Lossless Backup Monitoring

Our monitored backup solutions keep information protected, no matter the threat. We take care of invaluable files and documents by running regular and extensive system backups.

Stress-Free Patching

One of the best ways to protect against online threats is by proactively updating software. We fully handle all system patching so you can stay focused on core business matters.

Cybersecurity Solutons Provider

Handling security with in-house resources can be not only tricky, confusing and risky, but it can also be expensive. Here are just a few reasons safeguarding businesses is such a challenge today.

Complex Environments: A combination of on-premise and digital applications makes monitoring and policy enforcement much more difficult.

Rise of Remote Work: With an unprecedented amount of remote and hybrid working, protecting assets and infrastructure can be more challenging than ever.

Sophisticated Attacks: Legacy approaches to threats are no longer enough. More in-depth investigation is necessary to identify advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other sophisticated attackers.

Heterogeneous Endpoints: ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) policies make it necessary to protect a wide range of devices, some of which a company does not even own.

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Our Zero Trust Policy for Complete Network Security Solutions

More traditional models are perimeter-focused, building walls around an organization’s valuable assets like a prison. This old school approach has several challenges, though. Just a few include insider threats and the compromise of the network perimeter over time.

There is a more modern approach called Zero Trust. It offers a granular approach, protecting individual resources through segmentation, monitoring, and enforcement of role-based access controls, especially around passwords. Our team implements Zero Trust on each and every program.

Next Level Solutions & Services

With comprehensive protection becoming increasingly vital for modern businesses, one-time antivirus installations are only the first line of defense. We help our clients create a robust and dynamic threat response plan, which includes protection for:

Networks: Identify and block attacks, with programs such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), IAM (Identity Access Management), NAC (Network Access Control), and NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall).

Clouds: As you increasingly adapt to the digital world, protecting systems will become a major priority. Our cloud strategy includes how to protect controls, policies, and processes to help protect applications, infrastructures and more.

Endpoints: By protecting end-user devices such as desktops and laptops, using the proper controls, we can help prevent threats like phishing and ransomware.

Devices: Our mobile solutions prevent malicious apps, zero-day, phishing, and social media attacks. In turn, operating systems and devices are protected from advanced vulnerabilities.

Applications: Any app connected to the Internet is a target for nefarious actors. Some of the top threats include injection, broken authentication, misconfiguration, and cross-site scripting, just to name a few.

It’s never too late to reconsider how you think about protecting your business. It’s a small investment relative to what a compromise could cost!

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O-Lux Technologies provides thorough, informed and professional management. They are very responsive to our needs.

– Jeffrey Ozburn

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