Proven Process, Proven Results

Over our 10+ years of experience, we’ve found that the best results come from following a refined, well-structured plan. From simple tech upgrades to full-scale system migrations, we always follow our proven 5-step process from start to finish. For us, it means a foolproof path to complete client satisfaction. And for you, it means results you can count on.

1. Discovery

Cookie-cutter solutions may work for businesses that are just starting. But for those that are established, ideal IT infrastructure isn’t so cut and dry. That’s why we kick off our relationship with an in-depth discovery process to determine your unique situation and your unique solution.

2. Design

We know the most successful initiatives are built on an informed, calculating strategy. We take all the information learned during Discovery to create a custom, research-backed strategy that leverages the best solutions available to help you meet your business goals.

3. Implementation

This is where the hard work pays off. We work closely with you and your team to implement your custom strategy and put your solutions into place. Along the way, we continue to monitor your entire network to ensure the integration is a complete success.

4. Operationalize

We don’t stop there, though. After Implementation, we dive into systems testing and issue management to ensure your solutions are working just as they should. We also work within your processes to make your newly implemented systems and strategies the norm throughout your organization.

5. Sustain

As technologies improve, regular maintenance is essential for keeping your new systems up to date and fully functional. We take care of all your updates and patching for you. But more than that, we also continually assess and reassess your system to stay on top of possible improvements.

The Result

No matter the size of your project or organization, our 5-step proven process ensures your IT solutions are custom-tailored to meet your unique needs, bring fantastic results, and drive your business forward.


Best IT support!!! I feel like IT people usually assume that they know better and don’t take time to listen to the actual problem. This is not the case with O-Lux. They meet you where you’re at and provide the right help because they LISTEN. Couldn’t recommend more!

– Joelle McNamara

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