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O-Lux prides itself on being a strategic IT consulting firm businesses can turn to for all their technology needs. We provide solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, legal, accounting, healthcare facilities and more. Our certified consultants can help every step of the way. An innovative approach starts with an in-depth review of current systems and what needs to change in order to succeed. By providing up to date outsourcing capabilities, as well as advanced application solutions, organizations can rest easy knowing all systems are running at peak performance.

Though an in-house staff may be keeping an eye on things, it’s always worth an outside perspective to make sure you’re not too myopic in your approach to your company’s IT. Employees are usually busy enough with the day-to-day as well – and that’s a good thing. They can keep the trains running on time while we provide an expert, proven strategic vision for the future. Not only do we optimize entire infrastructures and systems, but we also create efficiencies as the company grows.

IT Consulting Chicago, IL

IT Strategy

We provide valuable insights that boost IT performance and accelerate growth. By developing new strategies, business leaders will get more value out of their technology investments.

Cloud Strategy

Businesses need to be leveraging the cloud if they’re not already. We walk you through every step of a digital transformation – from how to plan, how to migrate, and how to manage.

Network Strategy

Network reliability is one of the most critical elements to keeping a business online. In fact, it’s a must. That’s why our network strategy includes every solution needed increase system performance.

Benefits of an IT Consulting Professional

Clear Focus: Business leaders can focus solely on the company’s needs without worrying about technological infrastructure issues.

Cost Effective: We work for any amount of time needed – whatever suits strategic needs. This helps cut down any unwanted full-time salary costs.

Security: Hiring experts like us will ensure system security is robust, as well as protected from any unwanted, outside, nefarious threats.

Optimized Productivity: Improving systems and processes are critical pieces on any roadmap to success. Give team members the tools needed to succeed.

Naperville, IL Based IT Consultant

Strategic IT Consultant

New and growing organizations face technical challenges on a daily basis. Luckily, our experienced team has created various solutions to solve all kinds of problems. Just a few areas of assistance include:

  • Accelerating onboarding processes
  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Set up help desks and after-hours support
  • Migration and assessments
  • Workstation updates and implementations
  • Back-ups and disaster recovery
  • Optimizing network design
  • Aligning troubleshooting techniques

Reduce Risks with Experienced Specialists

A business is often only as good as the technology it operates on. As such, our goal is to offer the most extensive solutions around. With powerful resources at the ready, along with comprehensive remote monitoring, we have eyes on all systems 24/7. A little experienced guidance can really go a long way to not just making sure your company is locked down and safe during these uncertain times, but to also give peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to run your business in a modern way. Prioritizing IT as not only your biggest vulnerability, but also your biggest opportunity to grow.

O-Lux knows how to get businesses back to running at full speed. With a vital focus on the bottom line, it’s always all systems go! We strive to create an environment where all team members can succeed. Prevention, along with an aggressive and proactive approach, are the true keys to success. Now is the time to invest in your business and the future.

Information Technology Consulting for Chicago Businesses

O-Lux Technologies provides thorough, informed and professional IT. They are very responsive to our needs.

– Jeffrey Ozburn

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