Extensive Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

O-Lux offers next-level business continuity planning for businesses of all sizes. From files and folders to databases and more, our team protects all critical information with the most state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery (D&R) solutions available. Not only that, but we also continually back up and monitor all documents and can recover whatever is needed quickly and efficiently. Business leaders can rest assured their systems are safeguarded against all internal and external threats day and night.

Regardless of the size of any organization, it is a significant investment to keep things up and running properly. However, it can be even more expensive to have systems fail. A comprehensive D&R plan combines IT services and business logistics to help you prepare for events that could threaten your company’s ability to function. So, what you need is a strategic solution that can help restore information on the fly, giving you the peace of mind that your network is protected.

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Unexpected Vulnerabilities

As we know, the worst issues are the unexpected ones. This is why it’s imperative to have a plan in place for the worst kind of surprises. It could just save your entire organization from going under.

Online Safeguards

We will protect all data and systems from hacking and virus threats. In the rare case that a file or system is corrupted, we can restore them, letting you get back to business as usual. 

Lightning Fast Recovery

A D&R plan is a key to any sound IT strategy. It’s one thing to restore a back-up, but it’s another to do it quickly. Our processes, mirrors and redundancies allow us to get information back in no time.

Innovative Disaster Recovery Solutions

Unlike basic Disaster Recovery – getting data back after it’s lost – business continuity takes it all to the next level, keeping business processes and functions in mind.

Our strategic planning is designed to help organizations who rely heavily on transactions and detailed processes. To get D&R right, it usually requires several servers and storage redundancies to maximize uptime and assure workflow processes continue to work. This robust planning even takes alternative personnel and locations into account, ensuring business operations run smoothly all year round.

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How We Do Continuity and Recovery Planning

There are various important steps to take when setting up a customized D&R plan. We tailor each package to meet each of our client’s unique needs.

  • Business impact analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Design and planning
  • Timelines
  • Testing
  • Monitoring

What a Disaster Recovery Plan Includes

Our D&R and BC plans include an analysis of business requirements, risks and processes. From there we define mission-critical applications, data and key functional areas, so we know what to focus on. The program should outline critical elements such as:

  • Defining what a disaster really includes.
  • Creating a communications policy for handling emergencies.
  • Determining the time required for access to systems and files.
  • Prioritizing areas for restoration.
  • Identifying locations for teams to work following a failure.
  • Reflecting on vital resources needed to address future issues.

There is never a good time for an IT crash, but there is definitely a way to keep the damages to a minimum. Our clients trust us to be their partner to do just that.

Business Continuity for Chicago Metro Companies

O-Lux Technologies provides thorough, informed and professional IT. They are very responsive to our needs.

– Jeffrey Ozburn

Safeguard your company’s future with a complete business continuity planning.